Goals of the Future

Goals for the Future

      My Experience at the faculty of Education at York University has shown me that many of the fundamental learning’s in the Early Childhood Education field are beginning to be applied  and supported by the Ministry Of Education. Incorporating Ministry supported educational standards will be the pillars in which to rest my educational practice and philosophy. Learning to apply my philosophy of education and of emergent curriculum will be a part of my walk in the educational field. I am very aware of imminent barriers that exist in implanting this knowledge in a classroom as these concepts are slowly being adapted into the Education in Ontario Schools. This is evidenced by the school visits that were organized by the director of Faculty of Education, Early Childhood Education Cohort to schools such as Richland and Frasier Mustard Schools. These two schools are applying emergent curriculum foundations within their schools.  

     Therefore, I understand my goals are exciting and of a great magnitude.  Concretely, my experience with York had affirmed the commitment of lifelong learning in all areas but specifically in the areas literacy and math. Another area of continued learning is in the areas of assessing and documenting. Overcoming challenges such as restrictions of time, school culture and curriculum exists. Thus, one of my largest goals is to learn and become adept in the many areas of curriculum so I can link many areas of learning. I think this is the key to be able to support inquiry based learning within these real school constrains. The goal for the future is to bridge these barriers in order to provide an active, inquiry oriented, loving to learn, and caring classroom environment.



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