Mathematic Methods Resouce Book

Mathematic Methods

This book is a great resource. The books is based on teaching mathematics based on current research. This current research bases mathematical learning on current standards, culturally oriented, relevant problem solving, use of manipulative, collaborative and cooperative learning.

Natural Curiosity- Teachers’s Resource

Natural Curiosity- Teachers's Resource

This resource for teachers is based on the research work from the Laboratory School at the Dr. Erick Jackman Institute of Child Study, at OISE. Natural curiosity rests on the bases that children have a natural inclination to figuring out the world. If we switch to teaching and learning following children’s natural inquiry about the world we penetrate into a sense of wonder and of powerful inquiry based learning. Thus, inquiry based learning creates a fundamental and intrinsic interconnection of the child to the world. Caring about the world is a state of mind that will be required to heal the world.
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Favorite Books- The Challenge to Care in Schools; An Alternative Approach to Education.

Favorite Books-  The Challenge to Care in  Schools; An Alternative Approach to Education.

This book is written by Nel Noddings offers a holistic approach to Education, an approach based on the caring not just for oneself but others, including the environment. In her holistic view of all children are capable individuals, and all need to be also nurtured in the areas of their strength. It is a challenging concept for many but more and more these ideas are resonating within school walls and classrooms.